Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess who...

Guess who turned 21 yesterday?! That's right it was me!!!

I celebrated by going to two classes, some craft shopping, and hanging out with my roomies! I got flowers, that cute cupcake, a case of Ibc root beer, and a beer mug from friends! From family I got money, a waffle maker, books, and a cute insect blanket for my classroom. And many wonderful birthday wishes!

Here is my beer mug with some Crush soda! Love it!

What I have been up to....
  • Homework- Lots and lots of it
  • Spending many hours in the library
  • Hanging out with friends over spring break- went shopping, bowling with the brothers, and saw both Alice in Wonderland in 3D and Remember Me
  • Visiting family over Easter, my family came up this year. It was great!
  • Watch conference, loved it!
  • More homework
  • I am in charge of my education partnership's graduation present to our directors and past professors, so I have been busy getting everything in order for that

I am really excited for this weekend... Here is a movie quote clue for where I am going: -Where is the one place a man can step up and be a man? -Community College?! -NO! VEGAS!!!! From What Happens in Vegas (P.S. One of my favorites) Yep, I am going to Vegas! It is going to be a blast!

Currently I am teaching in a special ed preschool classroom, and ABSOLUTELY loving it! I have a morning and afternoon sessions with a total of 18 students are three and four years old! I enjoy reading stories with them, playing on the playground, and doing tons of crafts.

I recently got my student teaching placement. I will be teaching at Falcon Hill Elementary in a first grade class for eight weeks and an intermediate autism class for eight weeks. I am excited! I will also be teaching one more 8 week period in the spring. I will be walking this May 7, which is absolutely crazy to me!

This is for Arianna, here is a link for a lesson I co-taught in a technology class. We made videos on founding fathers. I am in the the George Washington video. Enjoy they are hilarious!!

So that is my life currently, I am busy busy but enjoying it all!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Library

I am in the library right now and it is at HOT as Hades in here at the moment. I am dying. In my jeans and long sleeve shirt!

I have already spent SO many hours in the library this semester! And I am not even studying yet for midterms. It seems like I never get a break from all the homework! I have 18 credits this semester! One credit alone is 16 hours of teaching a week in a 3rd grade class! I really love it though, my teacher is so awesome and my kids are cute. But those hours don't include any lesson preparation (which adds a few more). I have to got to do tons of fun things in the class I am currently in. I taught a baller lesson the other day on sound waves. My students absolutely loved it and were engaged for the whole 40 min lesson (very rare)!

Time is flying by though. I can't believe that it is already the 6th week of school for me. This is why I no longer have to time blog. I promise to catch up real soon.

There is still a lot of snow on the ground still. I am a little sick of it to be honest. But the weather is starting to get warmer, which I love. My life has been good lately but definitely hard at times.

Well I have more homework to do so I must get going!

P.S. The picture above is how I look most days. I am either watching a movie for my Latin film class or listening to classical music to sound out all the noisy college students! Fun huh?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

More good times!

Here are some more fun times from the Fall 09 semester!

Halloween dance! I was a glow in the dark stick person, Alex was Princess Leia, Kristine was the Chiquta banana lady, and Christy was a bee! We had so much fun! Alex and I were in charge of the dance. It was a lot of hard work but it looked awesome!

Kristine's senior vocal recital! She did amazing!


Building 10 Thanksgiving dinner! Okay starting in the back is Alex, Liesel, Randon, Jerah, Kaci, Amy, Lindsey and boyfriend. Middle row Emily, Kelsey, Carissa, Michelle, and Sis Willardson. Front row Eli, Sean, Cliff, Me, Kristine, Sis Jones, and Melissa!

hanging out with the sisters after we fed them!

Santa aka Sis Willardson stopped by for a visit!

So cute! Kristine, me, Sis Jones, Sis Willardson, and Alex! Such a fun night!

We decided that we should go to the Grand Canyon one morning super early to see the sunrise. It was gorgeous! And freezing! here is Alex all bundled up!

Kristine and I super early!

We had our last girls date night! And we saw SANTA! Though he was a creeper!

Love these girls! We went to Charly's which is a restaurant in the old Weatherford hotel for Macho Nachos! They are the best thing ever and its a tradition to eat there to celebrate and for special days! We also walked around downtown for First Friday.

Alex and Christy

Alex and I

Kristine and I

Christy the goof and Kristine

Don't judge me!

We came down to do baptisms for the dead at the Mesa temple. We went and ate at Panda and Coldstones then went back to see the lights! We had so much fun just walking around looking at the lights and talking.
One night after it snowed we decided to go sledding! Well we didn't have sleds so we used trash bags! It was so much fun!

To get to the hill we had to climb a fence, I was stuck because of my snow gear and I was a little afraid to jump.

Kristine got really stuck! But we all got over the fence and had fun sledding!
It was a great semester! I did pretty well with my grades, which I am really happy about! 4 A's, 2 B's, C, and a pass! Not bad for having 19 credits! Only one more semester till student teaching! Woohoo!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What I have been up to...

Okay so it has been awhile since I have blogged...I know! Life has been crazy! School has been taking over my life. I have learned a lot but had some hard days during the semester which I am thankful for the experiences that they have given me. I am so thankful for my family and roomies for always helping me to keep going!

Here are just some pictures from the semester. The first few ones should be at the end but it didn't want to move. These are from the snowflake temple with two of my roomates.

Kristine, Alex, & Me

That's right...we are that awesome!

I love us!

We went to the Mesa temple early one Saturday morning too!

Driving back!
Okay so we went to Utah for conference in the beginning of October. We found out that there was this big conference dance up there, so we went to it! This is us getting ready!
All the ladies at the dance. Me, Alex, Kristine, Christy, Tiffany, and Melanie.

We went to a store and they had these sunglasses. What do you think? Stylish right!?
We are so cool because we went to EAST HIGH where they filmed High School Musical. So we had to do a jumping picture.

Then we did individual shots, notice everyone else's technique except for mine...

Christy (she was the most excited about going)

Yeah then there is me who looks...special

Roomates! Christy, Kristine, Me, and Alex
All the girls!
Kristine and Me

MY FAVORITE ONE! MY ROOMIES! Love these girls so much!

Waiting in line for the Sunday morning session in the rain! But it was so worth it!

All of us!

Okay this is our apartment family picture. We have an inside joke that we each are a different member of the family. Kristine is the dad, I am the mom, Alex is the oldest child, and Christy is the baby of the family. Hence the family picture! Haha!

Random statue on route 66!